Community Relations Council (CRC) was established in 1964 as a means of calming racial tensions in the Midlands.  Through the years it has become an organization known for advocating on behalf of all Midlands residents.

Indeed, there are still many issues that threaten to divide our community. One disturbing trend that has taken on national prominence is incivility. Across our nation people are frustrated with the lack of substantive discussions between groups that do not share the same race, religion, generational or socio-economic background.

This frustration leads to a lack of civility in public discourse and behavior. What starts out as a discussion of the issues often deteriorates into uncivil language or conduct.

CRC recognizes this trend and pledges to continue to act as a calming force, promoting frank and civil discussions of issues that are crucial to maintaining a good quality of life in the Midlands. To this end, we will continue to collaborate with entities in the Midlands to provide forums where differing views and opinions may be heard in a manner that aligns with the CRC’s core values of mutual respect and justice for all people.