About Us

CRC was founded in 1964 as the primary vehicle for fostering peace and civility in our community. Business, Community and Civic leaders, from diverse backgrounds, come together to discuss and propose solutions to issues that threatened to divide the community.

CRC’s mission still embodies the principle of enhancing the well-being of the community by promoting harmony, mutual respect, and justice through civil dialogue and understanding.

CRC recognizes the inter dependency of business, community and government and seeks to accomplish its objectives through education, collaborations and partnerships.

CRC envisions a community where all citizens can enjoy a prosperous environment that enables the Midlands to be a better place to live, work and do business.

Henri Baskins of the  Community Relations Council Discuss Its 50 Year History

Community Relations Council’s Evolving Mission in the Midlands

Board of Directors

  • Pam Baker
  • Warren Bolton
  • John Cadena
  • Daniel M. Coble
  • Ted Creech
  • Elliott Epps
  • Kerry Feduk
  • Karel Givens
  • Hunter Gordy
  • Jan Hadder
  • Vanzell Haire
  • Kaela Harmon
  • Gardner Johnson
  • Lou Nolan
  • Brenda Peterson
  • Jennifer Powers
  • Jennifer C. Reed
  • Lila Anna Sauls
  • Dwayne Smiling
  • Hal Stevenson
  • Ronald Thompson
  • Cynthia Walters
  • Brad Warthen
  • Sarah B. Watson
  • Tige Watts
  • Roscoe C. Wilson, Jr.
  • Lathran Woodard

Board of Advisors


  • Keller Barron
  • Lee Catoe
  • Michael Crapps
  • Lincoln Jenkins III
  • Dr. Milton Kimpson
  • Sam McCuen
  • Jasper Salmond
  • Kit Smith
  • Jesse Washington Jr.
  • Mitch Willoughby