CRC Young Contemporaries (CRCYC)


CRCYC is a committee made up of Greater Columbia Community Relations Council (CRC) Board members and other dedicated and talented young community advocates in the Midlands.

CRCYC’s purpose is to enrich our community by engaging in meaningful discussion of issues affecting the Midlands. The Committee seeks to explore issues of importance to the Midlands.

CRCYC will convene forums or roundtable discussions to gather input and seek solutions to problems, thereby creating a platform for its members to become active civically, contributing to the economic development and high quality living of our community.

Young Contemporaries Committee Members

  • Allen Jackson
  • Ashley Jenkins – CRCYC Secretary
  • Clayton Davenport
  • Daniel Coble – CRCYC Chair & CRC Board Member
  • Dauric Gladney
  • Ebony L. Perkins
  • James Prince
  • Jessica Cabrera
  • Justin Young
  • Justine Jones
  • Kara Simmons
  • ​Keith McIver – CRC Board Member
  • LaSandra Teixeira
  • Michael Bailey
  • Michael Glymph – CRC Board Member
  • Muhammad Salaam
  • Sharhonda Gladney
  • Sherard Duvall
  • Sherrie Belton
  • Sydney Pullen
  • Thurmond Guess
  • Zoltan Borbely

Young Contemporaries Sub Committies

Education – Contributing to and enriching the community by improving interpersonal and communications skills through public educational forums and by working in partnership with other institutions in the community

Community Affairs – Building awareness of governmental process and issues affecting our local community; fostering a better understanding of community issues by facilitating discussions on current issues

Economic Development – Helping to orchestrate civil public discourse with the aim of making the our community a great place to live and do business